Before birth, when a person's soul wants to re-embody itself on earth, it sets itself certain tasks. The soul wants to do these learning tasks in your new earth life, your goal is to achieve perfection. These learning goals from previous lives have not been achieved well or not at all by her. Your maiden name, including your first name, and date of birth are of paramount importance in identifying and explaining your life's journey, your life's purpose, and your life's tasks. Why you chose just that name that you've been wearing since your birth and not another has a purpose. Your soul would like the name that suits you and that suits your learning needs. This name is to be regarded as a mirror of your soul. All this is no coincidence, but the deep desire of your soul.

Also the birthday is of the utmost importance for your life, because on this day you enter the school of life. This birthday is essential to you, so you could say that you were born that very day, because you now have the best opportunities to master those tasks. Your personal data can be calculated and precisely described with the help of the Kabbalistic calculation methods and you will get answers to the following questions:


 "What is my learning task in this life, in which task am I born into?"


"What does my soul want to learn in this life and how does it want to point out mistakes?" 


"How are you and her soul built?"


"Where am I standing right now?"


You get such a picture, such a blueprint of your soul with me.


The Kabbalah Life Analysis, teaches you universal principles regardless of religion or origin. It will help you to understand why unpleasant situations and circumstances such as illnesses, relationship problems or financial problems occur in your life. The Kabbalah Life Analysis covers all areas of life such as health, relationships and work. It helps you to understand yourself better.

Kabbala life analysis


With the life analysis you will learn your learning tasks that you should master. We humans receive individual energies to fulfill our learning tasks. The unreacted energies often lead to physical disorders, with which your soul wants to point out to you your mistakes. From the energy image from your Kabbalah life analysis, you will see what you are doing wrong and where it would be advisable to make changes in your life.


The origin theme shows you the reason for your current incarnation.

The transformation theme will tell you about your strengths that you can and should work with to realize your plans and goals.

The goal theme shows you where your soul wants to develop and what task your soul has set itself the goal.

With your personal Kabbalah Life Analysis you look into the mirror of your soul.


"How are you and your soul built?"


The Kabbalah Life Analysis is about recognizing and finding oneself.


Kabbala relationship analysis


Relationships need care, attention and honesty. In your personal Kabbalah relationship analysis, you will learn about your shared life goal. This life goal your two souls have chosen for this partnership.


The transformational theme of each partner will tell you about your strengths you can work with and how to put your plans and goals into action.

The Relationship theme shows you where your souls want to go and what your soul's goals are.



We all have issues to deal with in life and need help to overcome them. If you get stuck in the repetition of harmful behavioral patterns or if an event causes you grief or stress. You heartbroken in relation to a karmic soulmate or you are in a twinning process in the initial phase or in the middle of whatever you come to me with, with the help of your personal Kabbalah Life Analysis we will work out a way out of this situation and bring together uncomfortable situations through that Recognize your learning tasks in the healing.